Sunday, May 22, 2011

An unforgettable night

Yanni is katy's favorite musician and isaac won some tickets (80 dollars each!) i dressed katy in that beautiful white dress her Nanna Fonda gave her and put on some shinny black shoes. When we got there, we discovered that the auditorium was very small and intimate. Like a movie theater. I asked the ushers to help me find our seats and was surprised when they led us to the very front! Just feet away from the stage! I kept katy busy with some grapes and fish crackers and she was so well behaved and civilized. She sat there for half an hour and we talked about the harps, bongos, drums, chellos, lights, and "THREE PIANOS!"

When the lights went black and the anticipating crowd began to whistle and cheer, Katy held a hand over her ear and scrunched her shoulder up to cover the other ear ( the way she usually does with loud noises). Suddenly, a familiar song starts to play- Katy's eyes turned big and round as she watched the lights change to her favorite color. Blue.

Then, just feet in front of us comes a man who's face has become very familiar to Katy. It was Yanni. Katy's arms dropped down and she began to clap loudly

"YEAAAAAAAH,"she shouted, turning to me in wild excitement.

Then the lights turned to the crowd. Everyone was elegantly dressed in rich and dark colors. Most of the audience were people over fifty. In fact, i could only spot two children in the audience. A girl of about ten years old and Katy. Katy was the smallest member in the auditorium, and dressed in a brilliant white dress amidst the formal darks, she stood out like a shinning star. Yanni saw her right away and gave her a smile and a wave.

Katy spent the rest of the two and a half hour concert completely enraptured by the music. She stayed in her spot and only moved to the music. Her eyes were filled with life as she took it all in. Near the end of the concert, some vocalists came out and sang opera style. I could swear Katy fogot to breathe. Moments later, she decided to join the singing and she turned to the audience behind us, half believing they were there for her.

At one transitional point in the concert katy could not stand the silence so she shouted-


And the audience joined in to start a wild cheer. It made Katy feel so powerful and important!

When the concert finally ended, and people huddled to exit the hall, katy just stood there, staring at the empty stage. I slowly led her to the isle and she kept finding other hands to hold. She always took women's hands and they were more than happy to oblige and and talk to her aboutYanni.

" hi, honey!" said the first "i saw you dancing to the music! You behaved so well"

When we finally walked outside Katy was so dreamy-eyed as she continued to hum and sing to Yanni's music. We drove home and she practically ripped the Yanni DVD out of the case. Two and a half hours of concert was not enough. She wanted to relive it.

At one in the morning here sleepy eyes finnally lulled and closed. She's still in bed this morning, and i can bet what she's dreaming about...