Sunday, August 31, 2008

je suis une CHEF

Hey peeps!  This morning I went and freaked out all of my family.  Mom put me in the front seat of Nanna's suburban while she loaded up the car.  That's when I thought it would be cool to lock all of the doors.  I could see mom knocking and saying stuff, but all I did was giggle.  Mom kept telling me what buttons to push, but after a while I decided to just open the door on my own.  By then, all my friends and family were outside waiting for me. They didn't think it was funny- but I did!


Hey chicos!  Esta maƱana asuste a toda la familia.  Mami me puso en el asiento de enfrente del carro de mi abuelita Fonda mientras subia todas las cosas.  Entonces se me hizo buena idea cerrar con llave todas las puertas.  Yo podia ver a mi mama tocando y diciendo cosas, pero yo nadamas me reia. Mama me repetia que boton empujar pero despues de un rato decidi mejor abrir la puerta. Para ese entonces, todos mis amigos y familia estaban afuera del carro esperandome.  A ellos no les parecio chistoso, pero a mi si!


Here is moms little kitchen secret-

aqui esta el secreto de la cocina de mi mama

Monday, August 25, 2008

my summer time adventures!

Mommy goes on and on, but bare with her- she will eventually talk about me

Mama habla y habla, pero aguantala un rato y vas a oir mas de mi